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kind words

“Charlie is a master of gently pulling on threads & untangling the knots they lead to! every session felt like a decompression, and the roots of my discomfort had nowhere to hide.”
                                       - Gabriel, Independent Songwriter and Artist

I worked with Charlie in music for many years as he managed the group I was in. Alongside his musical ear, it was clear he had a gift for the human side of the job - he helped us work through problems and difficulties we had, and helped us work together to make the project happen. It's no surprise he's using those skills now outside of the music industry, I can certainly attest to his natural compassion empathy and coaching ability.
                                        - Joe, Grammy-winning Songwriter, Producer and Artist

“The sessions really helped me tune back in to my own voice, and return a certain clarity to my thoughts and actions. They also helped me connect with certain parts of myself that had been laying dormant, or at least underused, for a while -- parts which now feel essential.”  

                                        - Steven, Gold-selling Songwriter, Producer and Artist

“I really looked forward to Charlie's coaching sessions because each one brought clarity, inspiration, and a feeling of alignment. Charlie gently encouraged me to explore aspects that I might have otherwise brushed past, which enabled me to connect more deeply with what I was bringing, and form very important realisations. The sessions felt very containing, and like a true collaboration - I felt truly supported and listened to. Charlie was amazing at intuitively responding and creating the structure that I needed, for the flow of explorations, ideas, and reflections. I loved the use of visual metaphors that emerged and felt as though Charlie was very attuned. Charlie's  enthusiasm, care, wisdom and inspiring energy meant each session felt like a great fun adventure.”

                                       - Esme, Artist & Retreat Facilitator

“I started sessions with Charlie when I was feeling as though progress had ground to a halt. I was unsure how to overcome hurdles in order to move forward. Charlie helped me to unpack decisions I needed to make to progress the business. Together we explored the blocks that emerged. His gentle but clear steering guided me in the right direction, and enabled me to confidently make some bold decisions which really changed the direction of my business. Challenging me when I needed it, and encouraging me when. It always felt like he was fully on my side, cheerleading. Each week I looked forward to our sessions. They were fun. He was easy to talk to. I found clarity, inspiration. I felt supported, heard, understood.”

                                       - Louise, Award-winning Author & Entrepreneur