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An Artist Services Company                 

→ 5. how does this work?

◉  We begin with a deep dive insights session

  • An in-depth enquiry about your creative past, present and future.

  • In a series of meticulously crafted questions, we explore your inner and outer worlds to designed to give you a better understanding of who you are as an artist and your place in the world

  • The results are used as a point of reference for you in your ongoing creative journey. It becomes your own personal manifesto that you can refer to when you most need it

  • This process is a prerequisite for the other offerings and can be offered as a stand-alone process or as part of a wider programme

↗  We design and deliver a creative roadmap

  • Unless it’s released you can’t move on. Once it’s released it becomes a part of your past, a part of your creative reference. Before it’s released it’s a bud that has not flowered. We believe that great artists make and release their art, regularly.

  • Our work together will centre around a creative roadmap that is designed to get results. It’s a rail track for the train of your career. You may feel challenged by it but ultimately, it’s about commitment.

  • Your creative roadmap is a timetable and calendar filled with commitments and anchor points tailored according to you. It takes into account your capacity, your aspirations, your inspirations and your willingness and more.

  • This is accessible on your own hosted artist portal.

🕸️  We create and execute community cultivation

  • We stand for ensuring that nobody is the gatekeeper to the art you wish to share. We believe in ‘direct to fan’ relationships. This means email addresses and phone numbers.

  • Formats may come and go but the data remains the same.

  • Our work together will focus on building community connections. We create up to date structures for how to meaningfully connect with fans and begin to develop a direct relationship with them.

  • Your community building strategy is a way of communicating your message and your art in a way that can foster meaningful connections. It ensures that when you have something to say, people are waiting to listen.

  • This is accessible on your own hosted artist portal.

?  We workshop the process

  • We meet fortnightly for a 90-minute one to one session over 6, 12 or 18 months depending on your needs and goals

  • These sessions are structured coaching sessions informed by your career aspirations, creative roadmap and community strategy

  • Our conversations help to energise, affirm and empower you back into a state of creative flow. Creative endeavour can take us to our limit.

  • These sessions are all about accountability

  • This is also a place where we can workshop the wider team and how things are running - what needs taking care of? We put a laser focus on any aspects of your project that need attention.